Anxiety & Phobia

Anxiety can encompass a huge range of worries - public speaking, visiting the dentist, exams... It's a complicated issue because someone without any worries at all would be a danger to themselves and others. But too much can make things very difficult, and phobias can be totally debilitating.

As a practice we are often consulted by anxious teens. This is a time of huge physical and emotional changes. When we combine that with academic pressure and demands for increasing social skills it isn't surprising that sometimes teens feel overwhelmed. We work to understand the changes, recognise what normal worries are and problem-solve how to manage the anxiety. Teens have huge capacity for understanding and a natural drive to change things for the better. Sometimes they need help to unlock their skills. 

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Kids Playing Soccer

The hands-down best thing I ever did for my kids was to get them exercising. By which, I mean literally, burning off the stress. Our bodies are built to outrun those sabre-toothed tigers. The stresses may have evolved from tigers to being no-good at spelling, or hating a party or having no friends on instagram. But our reactions haven't yet evolved so we still need to GET MOVING if we are going to fix any stress.

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Anxiety becomes a problem when someone worries all the time, or finds that they are worrying about lots and lots of things in their everyday life. According to the charity Young Minds as many as one in six young people experience anxiety at some point. So it is very common, and also something that we can tackle.

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"When you need something more, I will provide individual clinical psychology tailored to your specific needs."

Dr Helen

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Girls in Nature

Life throws many surprises at us, when we hit a particular bump in the road there are lots of things you can try.


"This thoughtful and accessible film offers young people down-to-earth and compassionate advice for when they feel like self-harming. It is memorable, psychologically sound, and meets a real need for resources like this. So helpful that it's here at last!"


Dr Lydia Vella, Clinical Psychologist, Children's Services, Oxfordshire County Council.

5 Steps for Supporting Someone Who Wants to Self Harm

Anxious 4 & 5 Yr Olds

The first year of school can be particularly challenging for children who are easily worried by change. There are so many things to get right - lots of new adults and children to talk to and so many rules of interaction. We've made a picture book to cover the essential social skills for a successful first year. 

'Fearless Fairy and Daring Dragon say:

Let's Go to School'

 - our picture book guide to making the most of social and emotional skills for a successful first year of school.

We really enjoyed reading this book to our son, and found the messages really helpful. The best part is that, like a really tasty meal for the kids that hides all the vegetables in it so they'll actually eat it, the useful bits are still in a fun story that kids will enjoy reading. The great art doesn't hurt either!

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