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Online appointments

We have found online appointments to be very successful and popular with many patients who prefer the convenience.

We use a dedicated online telehealth service. This is fully encrypted and confidential with a separate link for each patient. You receive a link to click at your appointment time and there is nothing to download in advance. 

When accessing please consider the following:

  • Access is confidential

Due to confidentiality, our system will allow only one patient to access at a time. For that reason, if you are disconnected at any time you will need to log out of telehealth completely and log back in using the link again. If you do not, it will place you in a waiting room.

  • Video Therapy Sessions Information and Consent 

Video therapy sessions have been approved for use for patient and confidential consultations by many NHS Health Trusts and private practitioners. We are happy to offer video-therapy sessions, but as these have slightly different requirements to face-to-face therapy, we would ask you to read and accept these terms prior to commencing video therapy. 

  • Location

Please think carefully about where you would like the call to take place. It is important to think about where has the strongest signal for the connection. Also find somewhere you or your child will feel most comfortable and that will not feel too intrusive. (Some young people are happy to sit in their own bedrooms to speak, but some find this too intrusive of their personal space).

  • Confidentiality

Consider where and how you will ensure confidentiality of the video call. We will ensure confidentiality at our end of the call, so that no-one unauthorised can overhear or see the call once in progress. We cannot guarantee this at your end and therefore it is important that you consider where the call will take place and who may be able to see/hear the conversation.

It is also important to think about how to avoid too many unwanted interruptions.

  • Connectivity

Consider where/if you have sufficient wifi/bandwidth for the call. If the call is disconnected we will attempt to call back.  Please do remember to log out completely, before reconnecting. If we are unable to re-establish a connection we will call or email to agree a plan. We will always endeavour to be flexible and make up the time.

By attending the appointment, you consent to the details given above. If you want to discuss any of these or have any questions then please contact Rachel Tustian on in the first instance.