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Supporting Your Child

"Welcome! I am Jill Blackburn-Hooker. My background is as a primary school teacher and special educational needs teacher. I have a huge range of experience of working with children, parents, families and supporting a whole spectrum of additional needs. 

Some children benefit from adjustments at school and some benefit from strategies that encompass both home and school. I can support you to feel empowered, implement interventions and help you to build a tool kit of strategies for home and school.

Each child is unique, and you are the expert on your child. With my experience and your expertise, together we can identify the best ways to move forward."


Supporting Your Child

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Strategies & Interventions to support your child's needs

I provide strategies for home, school or both to support children in their development. I can work with parents to manage challenging behaviour. I also work with children to find solutions to the challenges they are having with behaviour or their individual special needs. 

The sessions will build your confidence and empower you with a tool kit of strategies for home and/or school. I imagine supporting children as a form of scaffolding. Parents and teachers provide structure and guidance to support children as they develop. When children reach their goals we are able to reduce that level of support so that they can proceed on their own.

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Tailored Special Educational Needs Advice

I have personal experience of parenting a child with complex special needs. I have also supported many parents through the process of getting support for their child.

For example, I can support with:


  • Observing in school and advising teachers or parents about particular needs

  • Supporting parents at meetings with school

  • Recommendations for school to adapt for SEN

  • How to apply for an EHCNa or Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

  • Signposting to sources of support or assessment

After an assessment session I collate the information and put together a tailored package of support. Typically parents choose 2 or 3 sessions for this work a the cost of £70 each.

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Intervention for specific learning

Sometimes children do not find it easy practicing things from school at home. It may be causing conflict in the relationship with your child. You might want some support with this.  

After school hours in our Summertown practice room.

I begin with around 50 mins getting to know your child and looking at what help is needed. (Cost £70)

I will then email you a package of intervention support and weekly sessions available. This might be:

-30 to 45 mins of reading comprehension, spelling handwriting, phonics, maths concepts or story writing etc. (Cost £40 for half-hour)

I also offer 45-50 minutes of art and craft 1:1 sessions


I came to Jill at crisis point as I was in the process of applying for an EHCP for my son and was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of input required, but also understanding all the possible interventions that I would want in place as a result of gaining the EHCP. I found her to be calm, knowledgeable, empathic positive and proactive.

Parent feedback

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Jill's advice and vast experience was invaluable as we embarked on the journey of seeking additional support for our son. Her deep understanding of special educational needs coupled with her background in teaching means that she is ideally placed to help parents not only navigate the complexities of the system but offer practical advice to support children at home and school.

Parent feedback


Her compassionate approach to not only our son, but us as parents, has helped us envision a positive way forward and develop a clear plan of action with confidence.

Parent feedback

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