No exams

Updated: Jan 5

I have heard from several young people over the last few months how frustrating they have found it not to get to sit the exams. Even if they weren’t looking forward to them, they would have been a chance to show people what they could do. For some of you, GCSEs or A-levels would have been the time you got to publicly demonstrate what you are capable of. But I have also spoken to people for whom it was a relief not to have to sit the exams. And that is just proof that exams are an imperfect system. They can never suit everyone and every system is unfair to someone.

If you graduated in 2020 and you feel that the system was unfair to you, then I am sorry to hear it. You are not alone. There are many people who will be feeling the same thing. If you are class of 2021 and you don't know how you will sit your exams then I am sorry about that too. It is really tricky to work for something where the goal posts keep moving. But whatever the results, your GCSEs still count. You will be the years that survived the hardest GCSEs or A-Levels any group of students has ever had to survive, and you should still be proud.

And whether the result is exactly what you hoped for or not, it is at least an answer. You can move on. You will have other chances, either to attempt resits, or just to prove yourself in other ways. Don’t give up. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Find your own way to tell your story. You may have to work a bit harder than some others, but you count. No-one has written you off and there are always other opportunities to find.

Well done class of 2020 and 2021 you have done something incredible just by keeping going! And when it is over, you can go and tell the story of your life that you want to tell. We are all so proud of you.


Dr Helen Care

Clinical Psychologist

A Confident Start

- therapy for young people