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How to be Fearless and Daring about starting school….

Starting school for the first time is a big step for all children. Most will manage it smoothly. But even those that struggle can be supported to have a smooth transition and to have the emotional skills to enable them to get the most out of school. Not all children find it easy, but don’t despair. We have written a book to support you and your child! It’s called “Fearless Fairy and Daring Dragon say “Let’s Go to School” and we wrote it specifically to support any child who is about to start school or has started school and is finding it difficult.

We wrote it when one of our children started school and found it difficult. After 6 weeks, we were informed she had been placed on the Special Needs register because she didn’t speak. We knew her as a bright, chatty, friendly child, so it came as a shock to learn that she wasn’t engaging and her potential wasn’t being recognized because they thought she was mute. We created Fearless Fairy used the story to teach how to join in, and she took a little badge of her into school pinned inside her cardigan. It gave her the confidence to have a go and it worked. She started talking and has basically not stopped since!

There are lots of books and guides out there for helping your child navigate the practical challenges of starting school, like finding your name, eating lunch, learning pen skills etc. Our book is about emotional challenges. It is about equipping children to have the social and emotional skills to cope with the things that can make starting at school feel difficult. Fearless Fairy and Daring Dragon are fun and lively friends who arrive to teach the main character Sam how to manage starting school worries.

Using practical exercises that are based on psychological principles, they show Sam how to manage common emotional difficulties such as making new friends, talking to teachers and joining in. The book is written so your own child joins in with Sam trying the exercises and learn how to negotiate the aspects of starting school that children often find most difficult.

The book is also designed to ensure your child feels comforted and supported, and doesn’t have to start school alone. Just like Fearless and Daring go with Sam for the first day of school, your child can take Fearless and Daring with them too. The book is accompanied by a badge each of Fearless and Daring, which your child can have in a pocket or on their bag, so that they have a physical reminder that they have skills and they can cope.

Fearless Fairy and Daring Dragon say

"Let's go to school!"

£9.00 including p&p

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We have had positive feedback from other parents about our book, so we hope it will help your child too. But it isn’t the answer to all problems. Trust your instincts. If you are worried about your child starting school, don’t panic, and don’t give in. You know your child, keep talking to staff and asking for help if you or your child need it. We would strongly encourage you to keep communication with the school open, let them know any worries you have, and make a plan with them as soon as possible if you feel like your child is struggling to settle. If in doubt, talk to the school Special Needs Coordinator, the school nurse or your GP. There is support out there and things can get better.

With all my best wishes,

Dr Helen Care, child psychologist

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