Together whilst apart

During this time of social distancing it's about keeping going with as much 'normal' life as you can. Here are my Top 5s for keeping on keeping on...

Top 5 ways to stay in contact

· Talk – on screen/on phone/on text

· Game together

· Do a craft activity while on screen with someone and compare progress as you go

· Play online guess the doodle/crossword/board games

· Write chalk messages, leave notes and post postcards in places your friends will see them

Top 5 ways to get outside…

· Walk, run, roller skate, bike, learn to unicycle, walk the dog...

· Paint pebbles and hide them for others to find

· Walk and talk – go on a walk with a friend on a phone

· Geocache

· Do a rainbow walk – go out and spot the colours of the rainbow in order

Top 5 ways to let your brain know life is carrying on, even if it doesn’t feel like it…..

· Sleep regularly-ish (and not being totally nocturnal helps, remember, we are not a vampire)

· Go out in daylight (see above re vampire)

· Eat regularly -ish (regular-ish in time and regular-ish in content. 17 bags of crisps won’t do)

· Get some exercise (anything that gets your heart beating)

· Have fun

Top 5 ways to hold onto the fun

· Be with friends on screen while you work/read/watch/game together

· Arrange a film/theatre/gig night/mini festival for your family at home

· Learn a skill you’ve always fancied like juggling/cake decorating/magic tricks

· Set silly challenges for yourself and your friends – like most marshmallows in a jam jar

· Play ‘Travelling Lemon’* with your besties

*(Send them pictures of your lemon in different situations. Most or best lemoning of the other person wins! Here's one of mine...)

Top 5 ways to look after yourself

· Snuggle up and read a favourite book

· Write a letter to someone you miss

· Put on your favourite TV show episode

· Write a list of all the things you want to do when this is over

· Put some music on and dance like a loony

I wish you and yours all the very best, Helen

Dr Helen Care, Clinical Psychologist at A Confident Start.