How can I help?


Hello! My name is Helen, and I'm a Clinical Psychologist with 12+ years experience working with young people and their families to resolve psychological difficulties. 

What is special about Clinical Psychology?


As a Clinical Psychologist I combine years of training and 12+ years of experience working in different therapeutic models to actively support and bring about change. Clinical Psychology uses some counselling skills, but it is also about an active, collaborative approach to understanding the difficulties you or your child are experiencing and problem solving how to manage them.

Working together

I may use a variety of approaches, including CBT and Narrative Therapy, to help us gain insight into what is causing difficulties for your child or family, and apply proven techniques for making a difference in your daily lives. It involves trying things out, working through problems, learning new techniques and strengthening skills and abilities. 

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What is the commitment?

Typically my clients choose from 4 to 6 sessions to work through models and techniques for producing meaningful change. Rarely someone may want to do more, but that is always something you control.


I charge £120 per hour for individual therapy. Please request a no-obligation call back if you would like to discuss your needs: 


I wish you all the best in finding a positive way forward. 


Dr Helen Care

BA Oxon, D.Clin.Psych.


HCPC: PYL03398

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How do I work?

As an experienced Clinical Psychologist. I work in a flexible person-centred way using a variety of approaches to find the best way forward for the young person and their family. I want to combine your family's insight and knowledge  with my professional expertise to work through problems. This is much more than a listening ear, I use evidenced-based approaches and proven active techniques.


I also work with a smaller number of adult clients for individual therapy using a collaborative problem-solving approach. 

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My training

I am trained and experienced in different therapeutic models. I use a variety of techniques including CBT, Narrative Therapy and EMDR. I have worked with literally hundreds of children and families through a huge range of different difficulties ranging from specific appearance issues to more common concerns, such as starting school or exam stress.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


CBT is the most widely recognized approach. Recommended by NICE, it identifies what someone is thinking about a situation, how that links to their thoughts and feelings about it and what behaviours these drive. I believe the strength of CBT is in identifying what can be changed and the practical steps needed to move on from stuck feelings and situations. 


Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy works on the basis that we are all full of skills and resources, no matter how old or young, but we sometimes need help to know how to use them.  I love Narrative Therapy because it uses an individual's own values and skills to work together creatively against problems. I have found this technique powerful, and will often combine it with CBT for the most impact.


This is an extraordinary technique often used for managing response to a traumatic event. Recognised by NICE, the evidence for its impact is well documented. EMDR creates new ways to handle memories and is thought to act in a similar way to REM sleep. In practice I work with patients using repetitive movements (e.g. tapping fingers) alongside talking. I have worked with clients who have made breakthroughs in just 1 or 2 sessions. 

Making Changes Together

I have extensive skills and experience that help to make change. What I find exciting as a therapist is that every child and every family is different.  You as parents know your child best. I will combine my professional expertise with your family's insight to tackle the problems that are standing in your way.


"Thank you for helping me... Now I feel like I can go to the dentist - whereas before I felt like I couldn't even walk past it without feeling terrified. I have an orthodontist appointment in 2 weeks to see if I need braces and surprisingly I am excited for it!"

Patient Age 13


"I have used your advice (for the children) over the last few days and it really is working well... I would like to say a huge thank you as it has helped me in such a positive way."

Parent of 5 & 7 year old




"When you need something more, I provide personal therapy for a child or family, completely tailored to your needs."


Dr Helen Care, 

BA Oxon, D.Clin.Psych.

£110 hr

01865 582702