BA Oxon, D.Clin.Psych

As a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS I have spent many years working with children and families. I believe in the power of stories, to communicate, to inspire and to open up possibilities for new understanding.


I strive to find new ways of bringing play and creativity into all my work.


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I have years of experience working within NHS hospitals to provide psychological treatment for traumatic experiences.  I work with a number of approaches including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) to allow people to move forwards.



MA, Assoc CIPD

My professional background is in Human Resources with learning and development and coaching. My degree was in English Literature and I am never far from a good book or several.

I have seen the power of stories to improve my children's social behaviour and how much happier that has made them.

Your child's story should be a good one - let's make it happen. 




No Talking In Class

For most parents, the words "Your child has been talking in class" would be a negative - but not for me. I vividly remember going to my first ever parents evening at school. We'd had three week's worth of nice notes in the home link book like "Good day today". So I was expecting something very positive from the teacher... But it turned out that my daughter Frankie, was not speaking at all. The teacher thought she had no speech! I admit this wasn't completely out of the blue, my Frankie was what self-help books call 'slow to warm up' and Granny would call 'shy'. But this was clearly a problem we had to fix right now.

So in panic I went to Dr Helen for professional psychology advice and we made our first 'Fearless Fairy' book to demonstrate the things our Frankie needed to do at school. She was a trouper and worked so hard at the techniques. I am thrilled to say that she is now often found 'talking in class'. It is something I never take for granted. 

We knew that we shouldn't keep this to ourselves because there were many other Frankies out there who would benefit from a little bit of help with the huge challenges of childhood. 


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