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What is therapy?

Psychological therapy is about helping you to tell the story that you want to tell about yourself. We start by understanding what is happening - whether that's physical like your body's response to stress - or emotional. We help you to make changes and to develop tools for managing difficulties. 

We provide a safe confidential space for you to explore your feelings. We help with things such as:

  • Feeling worried or frightened

  • Feeling angry or stressed a lot

  • Finding it hard to get on with friends

  • Arguing with family 

  • Thinking about hurting yourself

  • Struggling to organise school or college work

  • Difficulties with eating or drinking

  • Appearance issues

  • Feeling low or not enjoying activities you used to enjoy

  • Managing medical conditions

  • Managing traumatic experiences


What to expect

When we meet online or in person, we will talk about the issues that are affecting you. It is a chance for you to talk in a safe space that is confidential. You can bring your parents to any meetings if you want to, but some young people prefer that parents don't stay. 

In the first appointment, we may draw up a family tree together, or find examples to write down. We will also think of some ideas to try out such as keeping a diary in the next week, or breathing techniques to help you relax. 


What are psychological assessments?

Sometimes you may want to understand what is making something tricky for you or find out about your particular skills. Psychologists are able to use carefully researched tools to find out what is going on for you. Assessments usually involve answering questions, looking at words or pictures, moving shapes to make patterns etc. They can give you answers about what you can do to make things easier at home or at school.

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