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Work with us

If you are looking for a place to develop professionally, provide a meaningful service and join a group of like-minded colleagues, then we would love you to join us. You can work for yourself and we will do the admin for you, or you can become a salaried employee with lots of flexibility. 


Clinical Psychologists – we currently offer a range of evidence-based practice via face-to-face and online sessions. We are looking for Clinical Psychologists with a range of skills which could include CBT, Narrative, CFT, ACT, DBT, Attachment, Systemic or Family therapy.

Educational Psychologists

Speech Therapists

Occupational Therapists and Physios

Play Therapists

Family Therapists

We are looking to expand our service to young people and families. If you provide a professional evidence-based practice then please do get in touch to discuss options for working with us as a consultant or as an employee.

Our ethos

We are a service led by Clinical Psychologists. We are all about making a genuine difference. We want to bring about noticeable, measurable change according to evidence-based practice. We aim to be high-quality and responsive in supporting our patients.  

We see ourselves as working alongside the NHS, not in competition with it. Everyone here trained with the NHS first and many of our practitioners work for the NHS alongside part-time work for us. We strive to maintain good communication and relationships with NHS services and to be offering complimentary input for patients who don't meet criteria. We will always signpost NHS services where appropriate and available.

We have all spent time thinking about how to manage private work within our ethical commitment to public services and we are very happy to discuss this issue with potential new colleagues.

Professional Roles Available

We are looking for qualified professionals in a range of child and family-related services.

Working Hours

Working hours and conditions can be entirely flexible - including term-time only; evening and weekend working; 4 appointments a day to fit with nursery pick ups etc.


Face-to-face work is based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, or in Summertown, Oxford. We also work online. 

The work

These are pure therapy roles - there's no people management or office politics. We offer child, family and adolescent work. You can specialize in any aspect of this and we will support training and development. For example, under 10s only, trauma only, no self-harming teens - you decide. 


For Clinical Psychologists the rates are based on a full-time role of £66000+: For example: If you see 15 patients a week you would receive £1365 (gross) weekly for flexible work on a consultant basis. (This assumes 70% of patient fees go to you and the remainder is used for: reception services, website hosting, secretarial services, in-person and virtual meeting rooms, clinical supervision, invoicing and risk of non-payment by insurer/patient etc). 

For other professionals we are ready to help build your practice as you would like it to be. You bring the expertise and we'll do the admin.

Contact us

If you are passionate about working with children and young people then we would love to hear from you. Just a preliminary enquiry is fine with us - we know that these are big decisions.

Call 01865 582702 for a no-obligation chat with one of our directors: Rachel who manages the admin or Dr Helen Care, Clinical Lead. 

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