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Professional Services

As a team of qualified professionals we have extensive experience of working with colleagues in education and medicine to support young people and families.

For Schools

We can provide bespoke talks or workshops for student's psychological education e.g. managing anxiety, preventing self-harm, appearance etc.

For Teachers

We provide workshops, resources and advice for teachers on psychological issues and strategies for supporting special needs in schools. 

We are able to advise on how to assist a particular student with complex needs or conditions such as ASD, ADHD, OCD or anxiety. 

For Medical Professionals

We provide training and reports for medical clinicians. We produce publications for professionals including through the provider Pearson Clinical.

For Clinical Psychologists

We provide clinical supervision and peer review. 

We are always keen to build connections with our colleagues. 

We also have opportunities for colleagues to join us. 

Please feel free to contact us for a chat anytime. 

Work With Us

We are looking for qualified professionals to join us in providing evidence-based interventions.

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