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We have collected together lots of information and advice on all aspects of psychology for children and young people. Scroll down to see our top tips and advice for children, young people and families.

With all best wishes,


Dr Helen Care, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

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Trauma Therapy

EMDR and associated trauma therapy is a toolkit for managing the difficulties that come from difficult memories or feelings associated...

Won't go to school?

Going to school can be difficult for anyone. Some young people love education and are delighted to be there, but some can dread it. When...

You are not alone

Sources of help for young people dealing with mental health difficulties Sometimes it helps to feel that you are not alone in struggling...

When is a lie not a lie?

When is a lie not a lie? Have you heard of Julia Donaldson’s book, ‘Tiddler’ – the fish with the big imagination, "who blew small bubbles...

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