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What do psychologists do?

We are Clinical Psychologists. Our job is to meet with children to talk about how they are feeling.

Sometimes children see us because there is something making them sad or worried.

Sometimes children ask us to help when things are tricky at school like friends being nasty in the playground.

What happens when we meet?

  • We will make a safe space for you to talk about how you feel.

  • Sometimes we talk on the computer and sometimes we meet together in person.

  • You can always bring your parents along if you want to. 

  • We might do drawings together or tell stories. 

  • We might ask your parents or your teachers to help with things that you are finding difficult. 

How will it help?

We will find out what is making you feel sad, worried, angry or anything else that is upsetting you.

We will find things to try out that help you to feel more in control. 


Here are some examples of how we have helped other children


Joe asked us to help him feel less scared whenever a dog came near.

We helped Joe to find ways not to feel scared anymore. 


Nina asked us to help when she was worried about going to school and it was making her feel sick every morning.

We helped Nina to make a plan to manage those feelings. Now Nina knows that she can do it.


Alex's parents asked us to help him get more done at school.

Alex tried out different ways to help concentrate. Now Alex and his teachers know what to do to help. 

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