We have collected together lots of information and advice on all aspects of psychology for children and young people. Scroll down to see our top tips and advice for children, young people and families.

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Dr Helen Care, Chartered Clinical Psychologist


You are not alone

Sources of help for young people dealing with mental health difficulties Sometimes it helps to feel that you are not alone in struggling...

1 way to get teens to talk

“I thought there was something bothering her, but she wouldn’t talk about it..." Dr Helen Care shares a technique for getting teens to talk

Look Who's Confident Now!

Body language that says it for you Looking confident and being confident are often very similar. No-one feels confident all the time in...

Ideas for family games

- happier together through play! Happy International Day of Happiness! Yes indeed, it is the 20th March, it is 2019 and so it is the...

New approach to worry and anxiety

Don’t worry, be happy…..(well, some of the time!) “In every life we have some trouble, But when you worry you make it double. Don't...