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Be Your Own Superhero

Finding your brave – be your own superhero!

When there is a problem that makes us feel scared, sometimes it can make us want to run away and hide. Did you know that you can become your own Superhero? You can think about what is making the problem feel so difficult and unleash your superpowers on it!

For example, Rosa was scared of being in her bedroom on her own at night. What superpowers did she have that might help? Rosa remembered that she was really good at singing. She turned that into her superpower and sang to herself until she felt braver!

And she knew she was really good at finding things that got lost. She used her ‘searching and finding’ superpower to check there was nothing scary in her bedroom and felt confident that it was OK to go to sleep.

Whatever the problem, you will have a superpower to help! Go find your Superpowers and unleash them on your problems this Children's Mental Health Week and Find Your Brave!

Best wishes to you all,


Dr Helen Care, Child Psychologist

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